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V.T. Eric Layton



This is the result of some slick salesperson selling idiots who know nothing about technology all this fancy-schmancy tech stuff for lots of $$$. The hotel thinks it's on the bleeding edge and will be more attractive to clientele; the tech biz that sold and installed all this carp is happily counting their gold pieces.


Security? Whazzat?

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Who's liable when all the wallets and jewelery vanish.. :ermm:


No one, thats the beauty of it... You cannot blame the companies as they will simple claim it was the bad guys and their insurance will cover it. Its always the customer/user who gets screwed.

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What about the duty of care to patrons/residents/guests on the premises.

If one slips or is injured in any way .The building owners/lessees are liable.

Surely robbery is an injury.

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