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Acronis 8 won't explore its archive

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My trusty Acronis True Image 8 (Windows XP/SP3) has developed a problem. I like to explore my drive image as a way of verifying the file's integrity (in addition to ATI's internal verification).


After my last backup I tried to explore my image and ATI locked my computer at the "Please wait" screen. The mouse would still move but the cursor was always an hourglass and I had no status bar. Process Explorer (which I had to start before ATI) showed that there was no virtually no activity. Process explorer was unable to kill the TrueImage.exe process so I had to reboot using the power button. I went through this several times.


As recommended by Acronis I dug out my original CD and did a repair install with no result. I then did a full uninstall and reinstall with the same result.


Since ATI has run reliably on this computer for several years I wonder if it's something else I installed - like Avast.


Any ideas?

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