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Just read another article about the lack of women in IT and have to admit "I just don't get it." If there was a proven disparity in remuneration, I'd see a problem. But the fact that ONLY 25% of IT workers are women, leaves me "ho hum."


Should young women be encouraged to explore computer science as an occupation? Of course! Should employers choose men over women for IT jobs or pay men more for the same job? Of course not! But to say that the fact that ONLY 25% of the jobs are filled by women proves "de facto discrimination", is laughable.


The minds of men and women, IN GENERAL, don't work the same way. That by NO means implies that there aren't a LOT of women who can out perform most males in the field. But to postulate from the particular to the general is a logical fallacy. The simple fact is that not as many women as men WANT jobs in IT. And that is NOT based on young girls being not getting enough encouragement to enter a scientific field. It is based on how their minds functions. And, again, I'm NOT stating that they aren't as "smart". Just smart in a different way.


My sister Peggy was a Senior System Analyst for IBM "back-in-the-day". (At 72, she still has her own consulting business.) But she openly admits that she could care less about how computers work. She is only interested in how she can USE computers "to get the job done".


edit: Pardon the typo. The title should be "Women IN IT".

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