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Looking for an iPad map program


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I'm looking for a reliable worldwide map app that will work while offline on an ipad.


Background: I've had an iPad for about a month. I loved the Apple Map program that came with it, except the part that it needed a Wifi connection to work, so looked for a map program that worked offline.


Tried MAPS.ME which was great for a week, then it started crashing like it is apparently famous for in many reviews. Tried to get it working, but only deleting and reinstalling worked. That requires downloading all the individual maps again. I have a slooow internet connection so this is a chore, and brings up how devastating it could be if I relied on this app and it were to crash during a trip. I don't want to end up like James Kim because of an unreliable app.


I looked at dedicated GPS units on Amazon, but they are small, and a joke compared to the usability of an iPad when a map app actually works.


Is there a map app that is can be restored/reinstalled without an internet connection? I found that iTunes did not backup the maps that maps.me downloaded, just the app itself.

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That wouldn’t work for a large area, but in reading more about Google maps they say later this year they may allow downloading maps for non-cloud use. I could not find if they would be permanent or will be just temporary, like the downloaded/offline YouTube videos that work for only 48 hours.

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Thanks abarbarian, but I do know googlemaps will work and is already on my tablet. I just haven't spent any time learning how to use if offline. I tend not to install many apps.


I grab a paper map or a route print out from the internet, again on paper, so it will take some time for me to figure out this "new" method of using a device to view maps.

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