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Can I do ????


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Someone offered me a old iMac not sure what version, it is an old all in one which looks like a thickish flat screen. Can I put a linux on the hdd ? Can I use Slax or any Live CD distro from a usb stick with no fiddling ?


Ta. B)

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Tried that once. As far as I remember you will need the first boot floppy. and then everything has to go in in raw-write.

Hopefully I will be corrected as I have an 1986 Apple Mackintosh SE M5011.

1Mb ram...800K Drive ..20SC Hard-Drive....

The usb sockets are unusual as they look like mouse/keyboard sockets.

An adapter can be got to facilitate the newer usb connectors.

Keep us posted as these machines run on 2amps and are sooooo economical to run .


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We!!!!!! Any news for us yet


Been a tad busy canal path testing me new 'lectrik bike. Plus me mate has to get rid of stuff of the hdd an he is a more chilled out guy than me so it may take some time. :fish:

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