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Run Ubuntu from a Mouse


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A fully working PC has been integrated into a regular mouse


The modern PCs have become ridiculously small and more powerful with each passing year. Up until now no one thought that it could be possible to fit everything into a mouse, but that's now becoming a reality and it's powerful enough that it can run even an OS like Ubuntu.


I want one.


Sounds really neat for folk who travel a lot. Might only be usefull for surfing and such but that would suit a good number of folk. An they say it will be cheap, though what cheap means is anyone's guess. :whistling:

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Well it is a neat idea but they have not even been financed yet so who knows if we will ever seen one. There are problems with this idea though....


A mouse is made to move around a lot and can you imagine having to have a keyboard cable protruding out of the front of your mouse?


Mice generally do not last that long, especially wireless ones.


Using a wireless mouse has its downsides, especially having to change batteries all the time (I stopped using wireless keyboards/mice because of this). Now can you imagine how fast you would burn through AA batteries if it had to power more than just the tracking laser?


Never mind, it does not even have a battery(says optional) so how do they plan on charging it?



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A charger? You will not need it any more. It is enough to put Mouse-Box on a special pad while at work. The technology will take care of the rest.


Beat me to it Josh.


I have been using wireless mouses for quite a few years and have only had to change the batteries once. Mine sit in a charger unit when not in use so are always charged up.

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Well I was referring to wireless battery-operated keyboards/mice, not rechargeable mice. I use my keyboard more than my mouse so I was changing out keyboard batteries every couple of weeks and mouse batteries once a month. And no, it wasn't a specific model as I was doing this for years with various models.

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