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All KitKats are not alike


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I have a 7" ASUS running Kitkat and never a problem installing what I want from googleplay. I also managed to sideload ESET following the instructions and immediately turned off install from unknown sources after I installed it.


On Thursday evening, I couldn't pass up the change to snag another tablet, also 7" with 8GB storage and a micro sdhc slot that accepts up to a 32GB card. It has front and rear cameras and runs KitKat.

Like this but with KitKat


It was $39.99.


It has googleplay but I tried to install a weather app from my local tv station and got "this is not compatible with your device". I tried to install malwarebytes and got "this is not compatible with your device".

I checked and VLC will install and so will Netflix. I have not installed them yet.


My question: why can't I install some of the apps from googleplay on the Bright Tab yet have no problem on the ASUS.

On the surface, both tablets appear to have the same things: same screen size, same storage, same slot, two cameras.

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Thanks. Bottom line So that model is flagged.


Pretty much although if you can find a custom rom, they may have a patched market that shows it as a different device.

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I did a factory reset on the tablet and I will be returning it tomorrow.


The camera was not as user friendly as my ASUS and one of the things I wanted a tablet for was to take pictures because I do not own and do not want a smart phone.

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