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Sync has sunk....


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My problem is that since I had to re install Win8 since I for the life of me could not get the error fixed that I was getting I cannot now sync the machine. I have tried the "I already have an account" method which wouldn't work and I have tried the set up a "new account" method which did not work either. When I tried the "new account" method, every time I tried to enter the email address it kept coming back with "invalid email address" and this is after only typing in the first letter, not even the whole email addy. Any got any suggestions where I am going wrong on this???

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sorry... i've only installed windows 8 and 8.1 3 or 4 times, but never as a re-install.


thought - the new email address errors out because you've only put 1 letter, it lacks the @ and the example.com ... unless i miss-read that last bit...

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@ Temmu ... I think it might be something other than that ,,, logically (???) that error should go away after I completely enter the email address but it stays there after all is done.


@ zlim ... I will check those two web sites and see if they can shed some light on this problem.

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Ahhh haaa..... after a bit more research, I have discovered why my sync has sunk. I use Sea Monkey as my browser and as such, I just found out that the newest version (2.30) does not, as of yet, allow the "sync" option to work. I must go back several versions, install that, set up the sync there, and then, I can install the updated version and it will have all that sync stuff on it. .... Isn't technology just the greatest thing since chunky peanut butter ???

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Guest LilBambi

You have to remove the old microsoft account and add it back in after a reinstall. Especially if using the same PC and installing over the old system.


How to remove Microsoft account from Windows 8 PC, laptop or tablet


And here's two videos on how to remove microsoft account:




They say you can add others, but if you are trying to use the same one, it gives fits till you remove it and then add it again.


You don't really have to change to local account before changing back to microsoft account, but that might be the best way.


Here's a whole list of videos on it:



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