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LTE Radio upgrade


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Woot!! I didn't realize my area now had LTE through T-Mobile so I flashed a LTE radio for my Nexus4 (mako) using this app: https://play.google....makomodem&hl=en


I was still using 4G but now my Nexus 4 (running Cyanogenmod 11) is rocking LTE. It's only a quarter of my home network's speed but still much better than 4G @ 9mbps


#nexus4 #tmobile #LTE #Cyanogenmod



Of course, I backed up my system before flashing the radio but everything worked beautifully.

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Guest LilBambi

When I got my new iPhone 6 with Verizon, I noticed right away that I had LTE in Williamsburg but the surprise was I also had it at the house out in the boonies, albeit with only 2 bars. But it was still pretty fast:





Then I tried to determine when they changed it, by looking at other results from the iPhone Ookla app:




NOTE: Compare what we are living with bandwidth wise on Wireless above compared to the cellular tower only connections beyond just what I was trying to determine regarding when LTE started on the local tower.


From that I think it's pretty clear it changed in September sometime. But I wouldn't have known that till I got the iPhone 6 which has LTE since my old iPhone 4S was 3G only.


We still are using a 3G only MiFi 2200 as our only real home Internet and it's on a month to month basis to give us the latitude to change to a wired solution if one presents itself (we hope!). So I keep the iPhone on cellular most of the time. ;)


Also, after I got the iPhone 6, Verizon Wireless offered a one year promotion of an extra GB of data just for the iPhone 6. Also Verizon Wireless offered to double the data (in our case to double our 20 GB/mo to 40 GB/mo for the same money), as well.

In addition, either way, to get a new iPhone which I was waiting to do in October when my contract was up, I would need a new contract with Verizon Wireless to get the contract pricing. But even with a new contract, it would have been $99 to get a new iPhone 5S which is the same deal I got 2 yrs ago when I got the iPhone 4S so not bad at all. But, if I got an iPhone 6, it was virtually free since to get the iPhone 6 on a contract was $199 and they were offering us $200 if we traded in our old iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5S. Hard decision, right?


Before you say yeah, but 40 GB/mo is still nothing, yeah. We know. BUT, and this is key, it is twice the data what we got for $150/mo before last week. So, yeah, it still sucks, but it is awesome to see some forward motion that they are hearing their users and throwing us a bone!


I still am hoping they will realize that if they want people to use their service in rural areas with little to mo broadband options, it is totally unfair to expect them to pay 'convenience' pricing that suburban and city users pay when they have need much less data because of their alternative sources via wired cable and DSL solutions available to them.


Oh, and as to the MiFi 2200, as my Jim is so fond of saying, if we move it to an LTE device, it's just that much quicker to run out of our monthly data ... even at 40 GB instead of 20 GB.

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added info about the new iphone 6 offerings etc.
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