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Skype forced upgrade


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I had, in early August 2014, a hiatus from Skype on my Win7 machines. When I tried to run my installed Skype I was given a message that my Username and/or Password were wrong. Yes, 3.5 is not the newest version, but it has features and a look-and-feel which I prefer.


Now this has happened to me before back when I was still running v2 of Skype, so it is not just since Microsoft has taken over Skype.


So, since I was forced to move from v2 to 3.5 way back when, I decided that this seemed to be the same situation and I threw in the towel and tried to upgrade to 4.2. Same problem. So, I then (after uninstalling 4.2) installed v5 of Skype. Now, I can run Skype again on my Win7 machines.


When I (and all others) was forced to upgrade from v2 to 3.5, the situation had been that Skype (Finland) had upgraded their server-side software and my (our) Username and Password could not be authenticated. Since my v5 install now works (and I tried at the same time to run an existing 3.5 on a separate Win7 box for test purposes with the same error message), I can only assume that this is also a server-side upgrade forcing a client-sde upgrade.


One major feature I enjoyed with 3.5 was being able to see the timezone which my Skype contacts were in (if they had enabled or not disabled in their installations). Since I and most of my contacts work internationally, it is good to see if they are at their work locale or maybe at an R&R location, as well as knowing what time it is where they are (so I do not call at an inappropriate time).


On 1 September 2014 I also tried to run whatever version of Skype I had installed on my iPhone 3Gs and this time I got a message saying that my installed version was being "retired" and I needed to upgrade. I went ahead and upgraded and am again able to run Skype on my iPhone.


I am posting this in case someone else gets these "informative" error messages and does not know what to do.



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Guest LilBambi

Every OS has had a forced upgrade to the latest Skype; Windows, Mac and Linux.


And iOS as well, and Android I would imagine as well.


In other words, Microsoft is NOT supporting ANY older versions. Period.


We had a very similar situation with our show. Jim was using a version that worked great in Linux for many years now. Just recently it wouldn't work and he was forced to upgrade to the latest.


He ran into major problems because Microsoft only supports Pulse Audio in Debian and Jim was using Alsa (which they used to support but no longer do).


Same issues on the Mac.


It's been a nightmare all around really.

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