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Parents, kids not calling you back?

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Parents, kids not calling you back? Frustrated mom develops app that remotely locks devices until they do



It should come as no surprise to parents or teenagers alike, when the parent calls or texts, the kids very often ignore their mom or dad.


This is not a new phenomenon, kids have been ignoring or rebelling against their parents since the dawn of mankind. Technology that makes us all connected can be easily ignored too. While the kids see it as a parent that won’t leave them alone, often mom or dad just want to check in and make sure all is well.


When Sharon Standifird was trying to contact her kids, and they didn’t respond, she was furious that it was simply due to them electing to ignore her. Never mind that the kids don’t pay the bills, or that Sharon was just checking in, the kids made a mistake that motivated their mom to develop an app that forces the kid’s hand.


Called Ignore No More, Sharon embarked on the challenge of developing an app which virtually shuts the kids’ phones down until they return her message. “It takes away texting, it takes away the gaming, it takes away calling their friends. The child will always be able to call 911,” according to Sharon....


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When my, now adult, children lived at home, we had a rule.

We, the parents, pay for your entire upkeep and support including the phone.

When your mother or I call, you had better answer or call back very quickly.

Failure to do so results in your phone being removed from your possession.

If I can't get the phone away from you, I will simply log in to my online phone account and disable your phone.


Never had to enforce it, they knew who took care of them.

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