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Computer freeze-up


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This problem seems to be only on my desktop (have not checked the laptop) since it does not appear on my two tablets. Here it is, on occasion, it will just freeze and no matter what key I use nothing happens other than the screen sort of does a "grey out". By that I mean I can see what is on the screen but it is like looking through the fog at it. The "hard drive activity" light is on solid during these specific periods, and the little blue circle is on the screen. My own opinion is that something/some program is activating when this happens. I just do not know which one nor where to look to find it and shut it down/remove it. One additional item is that when this happens at the end of it the "notification bell" sounds just as if I had received an email but there is nothing in the email box. Any thoughts on where this is and how do I get to it to stop it?

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V.T. Eric Layton

Hi Dale! Good to see you. It's been a while.



  • What operating system? Windows? What version? XP? 7? What?
  • OS all up-to-date/patched, etc?
  • Anti-virus/malware apps up-to-date? Recent scans done?
  • Have you made any changes just prior to when this event started happening?
  • Are you doing anything in particular when the event occurs?

Anyway, just a few preliminary questions that need answering for us to better assist you. I'll step aside now and let the Win folks jump in with some advice for you.





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As requested ,,,, OS is Win 8.1, with automatic updates activated so I am under the impression that as they come out that they are automatically installed (I hope).


Most recent scan was done 3 days ago.

Anti virus is set to do updates daily as needed. (I use IOLO System Mechanic/System Shield)

No changes were made that I am/was aware of.

It happens most often when I am at the Facebook web site playing that "Candy Crush" game, but it has also happened at other web sites, just not as often.


Additional info,,, everytime this occurs, I get a little notification from an icon in the task bar (IOLO Live Boost) that tells me that it has prevented a "CPU lag". Just what a CPU lag is I do not know, but I can say that when I happen to open up that specific program from the Desktop icon it shows how many cores of the CPU are in use, how many there are total, what specific function I have the desktop set up for,,, gaming, web browsing, graphics,, etc. plus a lot more stuff that can be selected.

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Guest LilBambi

Are these sites that all take advantage of Flash for videos, website moving elements and/or navigation?


Do you have the latest Flash player? What browser are you using?

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To the best of my knowledge, my Flash Player is up to date, I will check that out and the web browser I use is Sea Monkey and it is up to date.

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