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Join Us In Welcoming Scot's Newest MVPs!

V.T. Eric Layton

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V.T. Eric Layton

Attention fellow Highlanders,


It is with great joy and excitement that the Staff of Scot's Newsletter Forums announce the admittance of three wonderful members to the elite ranks of Forum MVP. After much nominating, voting, debating, etc., we decided that we just couldn't decide. So, since it's been a while since we elevated anyone to this much-cherished ranking, we just decided to grant that status to all of our nominees. These folks were chosen for numerous reasons; longevity, participation, helpfulness, etc. We don't debate this lightly when we consider members for this honor. It's something the Staff of Scot's takes seriously. We feel that members should be rewarded in some small way for their contributions to this board.


All that being said, the Highlanders being honored here today are:


(in alphabetical order)


abarbarian (Erik)


Amenditman (Bob)




ebrke (Elizabeth)


Welcome all to the ranks of Scot's Newsletter Forums MVP.


Have fun!


The Staff


*Sorry. As has been the case for a couple years now, our vendor for the super-secret Scot's decoder ring informs us that this item is on backorder. Cracker Jack™ has one that works just as well, if you're lucky enough to get a box of that stuff with a ring in it. You'll probably end up with that silly miniature pin ball game or the lick and stick tattoos, though. Good luck! ;)



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Guest LilBambi

Finally made it abarbarian! We were getting worried. Thought we were gonna have to send out Scotland Yard for find you or Sherlock Holmes. ;) o:)

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