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No Icons on Desktop


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I stopped by my wife's small business last night and noticed that the online backup with MozyPro we have configured had not run for the last week. This PC is running XP Home, SP3. Turns out there was a software update that was required, so I installed that. At the same time, I got a notice from Avast Anti-Virus that an update was also available, which I also downloaded. This install required a reboot. When I rebooted and logged in, the wallpaper appears with no icons or Task Bar. The same thing happens if I log in as me (administrator right) or the regular user everyone else uses that does not have admin rights.


I've done an online virus scan from Eset which found nothing. I've used system restore to a point from the previous day. That didn't work. I am able to boot into Safe Mode, but since this is the Point of Sale system, that doesn't really work since the printer and bar code reader won't function. HELP!

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Guest LilBambi

huh, and i thought that all rkill did was kill crap processess so you could use your anti-malware tools.


Nope, sometimes a bit more is needed to be able to run anything on systems infected today.

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Would you believe the system started working Saturday morning when the person working in the store that day simply rebooted it? I rebooted the D*** thing probably a dozen times the other night. I'm still going to download some of the tools recommended to see what might be there.

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Guest LilBambi

Good to get those tools.


What antivirus is it using? Microsoft Security Essentials or something else?


I would put a folder on the desktop to put the shortcuts for CCleaner, SpywareBlaster and Malwarebytes Anti-malware.


CCleaner is great. Run CCleaner weekly before doing scans to cut down on time to do scans, clear temp and TIF areas.

But just as importantly, make sure you allow the installer to put the Open CCleaner and Run CCleaner in the menu for the Recycle Bin. Then you can just right click on the Recycle Bin and choose Run CCleaner daily after closing browsers for the day.


An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Clears out temporary/TIF areas before you reboot or shutdown. Can often keep crap from inserting itself into the system on reboot.

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Guest LilBambi

If it's not booting sometimes, you might want to see if you can set it to do a chkdsk on reboot on the system drive.


Also might want to try downloading the following to see if you can use the appropriate hard drive utilities on the disk to check the hard drive to make sure it's not failing:


If you have another computer/laptop to download and burn a disk:




Current version and direct download link:


Filename: Hirens.BootCD.15.2.zip

Filesize: 592.5 MB (621283886 bytes)

ISO MD5: 7EFC81ADBBD551D56F6021C439C6837C

ZIP MD5: D342BBD6BF7554ABA24A376E41675DBF


Here are a bunch of screenshots for Hirens.BootCD and information about what's on the Hirens.BootCD.

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