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Yesterday, i saw a spam forum on CSPAN. Looks like spam is finally getting the attention it needs. I watched most of it and am pleased to say that it looks like we are moving in the right direction. Lots of good facts and points etc. It was only day one of the forum, so it was a disscution about topic definition. I think it was supposed to be 3 days long, so it might be on today and tomarrow if anybody is interested. One fact that sticks in my mind... and i'm not sure its accurate... i may have heard wrong:If each spam message that was blocked by AOL was put in an envalope and lined up side to side, it would strech around the equator 4 (maybe it was 3) times and up to the moon!AND THAT'S JUST WHAT WAS BEING BLOCKED!The point was also brought up that SPAM is growing at a way faster rate than predicted.

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