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Great Mac Software


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Tell us about your favorite software for the Mac!


- Wifi Explorer (wifi site surveys)

- Airmail (light and powerful email client)

- Cloud Clipboard (copy text and URLs across devices)



I'll think of more... I promise!


Scot's Roundup of Mac Software: The A List of Mac Software Last updated: 2010

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Maybe time to revive this thread? :D


Highlight for me this year has been MAMP Pro for web development:



It's been by far the easiest local server I've ever setup on a device, and really just took a few clicks to setup and get sites running I could develop with. Coming from Windows for web dev, MAMP is much nicer than many of the Windows local dev stacks I've used. The one on Windows I use the most still requires three separate pieces of software to be manually installed (Vagrant, VirtualBox, ScotchBox), requires elements to be started via CLI, and keeping track of config / adding new boxes is a pain. MAMP was literally just a few button clicks.


Other thing for me has been being able to use certain iPad apps directly on my Mac - I didn't really used to think this was that big a deal, but an app I use fairly frequently (SkyDemon) has a Windows version, an Android version, and an iPad/iOS version, but no Mac version - M1 mac has been nice to be able to use this tool directly on my normal laptop. (I'd still prefer a Mac native version, as the Windows version has more features and isn't expecting a touch UI).


Other callouts for me:

- Steam - I'm surprised the number of games I have that just work natively on Mac these days (still only 1/4th of the Steam games I have, but considering the age of some of them it's pretty impressive).

- Signal - chat app, but the Mac version is nice.


iMessage is buggy as hell for me, and I don't know why everyone loves it so much. 🙃

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Like you mentioned it, Signal is available for the Mac, as is Telegram and Skype also. In these times some folks may be thinking about it for not being able to meet others in person.

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