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ZDnet Slam that Spam! 4/30/03


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ZDnet has an article at http://www.zdnet.com/products/stories/revi...2913519,00.htmlwhich has their recommendations as to which Spam filtering/ stopping software to use. SpamCop and/or using a blacklist is advocated as the 2nd best way to stop spam - 2nd only to algorithm filtering software - i.e. Spam assassin pro, which they list as not being available anymore.What this says to me is that they are advocating the use of blacklists in a big way. Am I missing something? What are they thinking?

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No Spam Please

I don't think it's fair to say that ZDNet advocates the use of blacklists. In fact, I don't see where the article does anything more than mention that some third-party mail servers employ blacklisting as part of their spam-blocking service.Instead, the article implies that filtering via algorithm is best:

Perhaps the most effective method we've seen is the use of an algorithm, or a variety of tests, to determine whether a piece of incoming mail is spam.  This method produces far fewer false positives over time than any other antispam method we tested, keeping the mail that you want to get safely in your in-box.
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