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SNF 11th Anniversary - March 8, 2014!

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V.T. Eric Layton

Hey, that wasn't a cut against Debian. I liked Win 98SE. I'm just comparing Debian's older, more "tested" software to the older version of Windows. Ubuntu was really trying to attract XP users in the beginning.

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The only thing stopping me from going full speed ahead with Debian is that I need to run a distro I can install for the XP refugees around here. So far the best one is Linux Mint. I know you can futz around with Debian, but if you want MATE or Cinnamon I still like LM the best for those DEs.

I would never stick a new Linux user with Gnome Shell.

The other problem with Debian is that the moronic new Linux user will go out and buy the latest technology in printers - even when I tell them it has to be HP (and check with me first.) Then the new printer won't work with Debian's antiquated version of HPLIP. I then have to kluge in the latest version - and then hope that they won't do an "upgrade" and hose the printer driver.

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likewise, i like mint just fine.

i think the last machine i was running it on (an old dell latitude 600) finally quit charging batteries well.

as to debian, as siduction, is on a not too old dell latitude d630.

ubuntu's on a few friends laptops and desktops, but... i dunno, ubuntu's not for me.


but, back to the topic, i remain amazed at how long most of us have been here. i deeply and sorely miss those who have passed away, and those who for whatever reasons are no longer posting here.


one hopes our benefactor does not tire of us camping on his lawn... :)

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