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SNF 11th Anniversary - March 8, 2014!


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V.T. Eric Layton

Hey, that wasn't a cut against Debian. I liked Win 98SE. I'm just comparing Debian's older, more "tested" software to the older version of Windows. Ubuntu was really trying to attract XP users in the beginning.

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The only thing stopping me from going full speed ahead with Debian is that I need to run a distro I can install for the XP refugees around here. So far the best one is Linux Mint. I know you can futz around with Debian, but if you want MATE or Cinnamon I still like LM the best for those DEs.

I would never stick a new Linux user with Gnome Shell.

The other problem with Debian is that the moronic new Linux user will go out and buy the latest technology in printers - even when I tell them it has to be HP (and check with me first.) Then the new printer won't work with Debian's antiquated version of HPLIP. I then have to kluge in the latest version - and then hope that they won't do an "upgrade" and hose the printer driver.

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