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Our Server to be Upgraded

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MediaLayer, LLC System Message:


11/11/2013 06:32 PM

Dear Customer,

This message is to inform you that over this coming week (beginning Wednesday November, 13th,

2013), we will be upgrading the hardware platform that power your website(s). In the vast

majority of cases this will be a seamless change and no downtime will be experienced. In the

event that any issues are observed we will intervene and make the necessary adjustments

and/or send a personalized message to the customer if any changes need to be made on their

end. The results of this upgrade will include:


  • Increased network performance
  • Improved storage platform, with RAID protected solid state storage
  • Next generation Intel Xeon CPUs with greater performance and efficiency
  • Upgraded PHP/MySQL versions to support newer versions of popular applications


This affects both a portion of shared hosting (application hosting) and some Application Intensive

customers as well; customers with customized setups will be contacted for any individualized

details relating to the migration.


If you have any questions, please feel free to email.


Best Regards,

MediaLayer Systems Administration

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Scot is the Lead Highlander, Fearless Leader and owner of the forums! :thumbsup:


Sure crp was just being silly because we don't get to see Scot as much as we used to with his plate so full at home and at Computerworld where he is Editor in Chief.

And I was being sillier.

Would be nice to see you round here more often, Scot!

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OK, maybe not silly, but certainly humorous or at the very least a tongue in cheek statement. ;)

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