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Very Slow Computer


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I have a friend using Windows XP whose computer is running very slow. He has several programs running at start that are large (all are photo programs) and when trying to disable them he learned that he must log in as Administrator. His son set up his computer and did not inform him of this and how to log in as administrator. Without going into why he has not asked I will just say he does not want to do it. It has been 5 or more years and I doubt the son even remembers.


Is there any way to get around the requirement to log in as administrator since he does not have any password?


I have recommended he install CCleaner, MBAM free, and WinPatrol. I believe he can disable start of the programs he desires to disable with WP.


Any suggestions for people who are not much smarter than an oak stump??



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V.T. Eric Layton

I cannot give advice that is contrary to Scot's TOS or Rules, all I can say is that Windows admin passwords are very easy to bypass. You'll need to do some Yahooing or Googling.


Or, have your friend follow LilBambi's advice.


I can't argue with that. On Wilders there was a suggestion to use Ophcrack LiveCD. Have you ever heard of it? http://pcsupport.abo...ophcracksbs.htm




This is precisely the type of posting that I was talking about above. It is a violation of Scot's TOS and Rules to post material such as this on this site.


From Scot's Rules...


5. Do not ask for, offer to supply, or post links to, copies of commercial software, MP3s, movies, CD Keys, Product Keys, Serial Numbers, etc. or other intellectual property for which you do not hold the copyright. Do not ask for or post information about or link to anything unlawful.


This includes but is not limited to copies of pirated commercial software, commercial music files, movies, and other intellectual property.


Do not post any information, or link to any site that contains information, intended to violate the Terms of Service or End User License Agreement of any service, product, or application. Do not request or provide password hacks or cracks.


It is true, though, that About.com is a legitimate site, and Windows password cracking has become a mainstream tech support tool. However, here at Scot's it is a violation of the Rules to post or discuss these options/tools.


Just so you know. :)

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Guest LilBambi

These are legitimate tools though for sure.


You can do that but I would NOT. His son obviously did not give him the admin password for a reason...likely to keep him safer.


I will reiterate, he needs to talk to his son.

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