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Fact sheet: Microsoft Windows 8.1 (Preview)

Guest LilBambi

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Guest LilBambi

Fact sheet: Microsoft Windows 8.1 (Preview) - TechRepublic


Microsoft is preparing to update Windows to version 8.1 and is offering us the chance to preview the changes before it is officially released.


This fact sheet will be continually updated with the latest details as we learn more about Windows 8.1 Preview. You can check back anytime and refresh this article to get the latest updates.


The first three items of What We Know from the article:


What we know
  • Prevalent caveat: Microsoft makes a point of offering this warning before you install Windows 8.1: This preview is mainly for experienced PC users, so if you're not sure whether it’s right for you, read the FAQ.
  • Noteworthy caveat: You are required to have a personal Windows Live account or the enterprise equivalent in order to finish the installation.
  • Availability: You can download and install the Windows 8.1 Preview from the Windows Store for free. There is also a Windows 8.1 Preview for the Enterprise available for download.


At least 16 more in the list as of today, but it is a document that will be updated as time goes on.

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what a lie!! :icon8: any 1/2 truth is a lie.




it should conclude with: "and push targeted advertising results to you."


microsoft just got off an anti-google campaign.,

now, it is doing the same thing! bing!-go! :icon8:

so, google, microsoft and ubunto now bend you over and force advertising down your... throat. :icon8:

That is not a lie by anyone's definition except yours. And you left out information yourself.

The issue in question is 'ad campaigns' sold by Microsoft. As per usual with Microsoft, the wording is awful (this is what happens when you no longer write manuals, but i digress). The engine will not actually look at the results on your local pc or network, it will only be looking at the terms used in the search bar.


To me, this still is pretty awful. But there will be a way to turn off the Search everywhere option which will also disable the ad hook. It will be deep in the settings but it will be there.

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Guest LilBambi

The web side of the search can be totally disabled. I would never allow it to do both local and web searches.


Sadly, this is something that is on by default in Windows 8 and in Windows 8.1 they have this new Search Ad Experience....groan!


Microsoft does allow you to turn this so called feature on/off:


Turn search suggestions off or on


As you start typing a search, the search suggestions pane automatically shows you suggestions based on what you've entered.

Turn off search suggestions


On the Preferences page, under Search suggestions, uncheck Turn suggestions on.


Search suggestions are off until you clear your cookies or you turn them back on.


Turn on search suggestions


On the Preferences page, under Search suggestions, check Turn suggestions on.


Some features and functionality described here may not be available in your country or region.


Here's a better article about Disable Bing Search in Windows 8.1 Search Charm


Ah, crp and I cross-posted on this. :D


Both postings should help.

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I guess our definitions of "forcing down your throat" are different.


From your standpoint, any default option is something being forced down our throats. I do not see it that way unless I cannot change it from the default.



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Guest LilBambi

I would like to say that many computer users would NOT know how to turn that off or even know why they are getting ads in Windows 8.


To me, Opt In is a more user friendly way to do things whether in email, websites, or operating systems.


I recognize everyone's right to their own opinion...including me. ;)

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Guest LilBambi

Blue’s Clues: Kiosk Mode - WinSuperSite


A new feature called Kiosk Mode has emerged in recent leaked builds of Windows 8.1 “Blue,” leading to some speculation. But there’s no need to speculate: Kiosk Mode works just fine in Blue build 9374, and you can test it yourself if you’d like.


Kiosk Mode appears to be unrelated to previous efforts in Windows—like the Guest Mode feature that was removed from Windows 7, Windows SteadyState, or even Windows MultiPoint Server—that were aimed at helping multiple users share PCs in homes or corporate and educational installations. Instead, Kiosk Mode is exactly what it sounds like, a kiosk solution. That is, it provides a way to run a single application only, so that it can be left running in a public place like a museum, airport, retail store, hotel, mall or similar.


Blue's Clues: Enabling Kiosk Mode - WithinWindows.com


This one has a walk through on how to enable it. This was posted in April 2013. Apparently the builds have included and excluded Kiosk Modes at times.


I hope that Kiosk Mode will be totally included especially for Internet Cafes and parents who want their young children to have access but only to certain things.

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Guest LilBambi

Remember Windows 7 XPMode for Windows 7 Ultimate, Pro and Enterprise?


Apparently Windows 8 (certain versions: Windows 8 Pro and Enterprise), include Microsoft's Client Hyper V (Get started with Windows 8 Client Hyper-V the right way - TechRepublic). There is a Youtube video tutorial as well (likely many more), but here's one:



Of course you could also use VirtualBox and VMWare to run Windows XP on Windows 8.


NOTE: Unlike Windows 7 XPMode, you must to provide your own licensed copy of Windows XP for the virtual environment, sadly; Microsoft is apparently not supplying it this time around like they did for Windows 7 Ultimate, Pro and Enterprise.

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