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Edited by option temporarily removed


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We have temporarily removed the edited by option from posts... This has been done site wide for every member group for a short testing period... We are taking member feedback seriously, and this test is just to monitor the editing activity of the entire community for a short period of time.Hope everyone can understand.

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? B) If you remove the edited by option how does that help monitoring editing activity? Oh, you mean the option to disable the edited by option. Ok I think I understand.I edit my postings frequently. I know I can use the Preview option and I do but I also know if I misspell something I can pull it up and edit it and not have the edited by line show. If I add, delete or update content then I opt for the edited by line but not for correcting spelling or grammer errors or just adding a smilie. :w00t:

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Yes, we're all doomed! I can spel reel gud, but rarly on th frst trie- so I edit the heck outa them posted massages. Honest. Please Mister Moderator, don't take away my editing privileges. And please don't rat me out to everyone- well 5 or 6 people anyway- that i have to edit myself all the time. I'd be mortified, and maybe even chagrinned. ;)BTW I may not be one of the most prolific posters on here, not by a long shot- but I am probably the king of self-editors, tirelessly editing and re-editing my awkward posts for hours on end. It keeps me off the streets and out of trouble (mostly).

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