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VLC and W7


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Guest LilBambi

That is odd. Maybe uninstall it, and get the previous version and see if it also crashes?


Or try the Zip or 7-Zip no installer version from the download page?


Did you install the 32-bit version or the experimental 64-bit version?


It works great on the Mac and Linux.

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I just checked and I'm running 2.0.6.


According to this http://www.videolan....ad-windows.html

2.0.7 is the latest version and the 64 bit is experimental. With that note, I'm sure I'm running a 32 bit version on my 64 bit Win 7 Home Premium.


I do see looking at ftp http://download.videolan.org/pub/videolan/vlc/

that 2.0.8 just came out today. I'm not that cutting edge.

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Guest LilBambi

Yes, when I went to the site yesterday, 2.0.8 was shown as latest version. And yes, as noted 64-bit is experimental.


crp didn't mention if he used the experimental version, but if he did, I would suggest uninstalling and installing the stable 32-bit version for now.

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Thanks crp. I was wondering why I could not see the 2.0.8 version offered as the latest version to download. So they pulled it while they fixed it.


I think I'll wait a week or so to update.

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Guest LilBambi
VLC 2.0.8 and 2.1.0-pre2


VideoLAN and the VLC development team are happy to present VLC 2.0.8, a security update to the "Twoflower" family, and VLC 2.1.0-pre2, the second pre-version of VLC 2.1.0.

You can find info about 2.0.8 in the release notes.

VLC 2.1.0-pre2 is a test version of the next major version of VLC, named "Rincewind", intended for advanced users. If you're brave, you cantry it now!

NB:The first binaries of 2.0.8 for Win32 and Mac were broken. Please re-download them.


Well, I must have gotten mine after they replaced it, I guess.

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