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{SOLVED} Windows 7 Recovery (32 vs. 64 bit)


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Problem solved! I was not creating the HitMan Pro USB key correctly. Once I did it right Mr. Ransomeware was history.


I posted (I thought) a big thank you to you all a few days ago, but I don't see it here. So, again THANK YOU for all your generous assistance and education. You're the best!



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Will do. The place I messed up is very specific and it's simple to do correctly once you know how.


Here's the link to the YouTube video I used:


The :47 second point in the video is the key moment. The narrator says "click the button with the flying kick guy" - this is what I had failed to do on my previous attempts. Once I did that everything went as expected. It's that simple (at least for me). It was mostly a matter of following the directions CLOSELY and paying attention.


Thanks again all.



P.S. My above post thanking everyone (again) is because I missed my earlier thank-you post. At least I'm consistent - I wasn't paying close attention!

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LilBambi & Ross549 thanks for your thoughts.


I mentioned in my post that:

1) I can NOT boot into Safe Mode no matter how much I abusive the F8 key (I get the other [non-standard?] boot options I outlined in my post)

2) I can NOT make a HitMan Pro USB key because my safe machine is 32 bit and the infected machine is 64 bit.


So I'm thinking my only option is to find a safe 64 bit machine to make the HitMan Pro USB.


Any more ideas?




I am working on another PC that has something- not a moneypak torjan- on it. I had to follow your saga to create a HitmanPro disk and reboot windows with it. booting of the USB was enough to restore mouse control, and Microsoft Security Essentials was able to clean it so far. I am running a deep scan now. :)



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Guest LilBambi

Excellent. Sadly on the Dell computer that had the ICE MoneyPak trojan malware on it, the keyboard and mouse wouldn't work with the USB boot of HitManPro. So I stepped back and punted with Trinity Rescue CD; all of which is chronicled here. ;)

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