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Apple unveils new and interactive Mac Pro site

Guest LilBambi

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Apple unveils new and interactive Mac Pro site - TUAW


Yep, you read that right ... Mac Pro site


umm, aren't these people supposed to be the UI experts non parlance? I'm using IE9 on Win7 , so maybe they don't consider that a pc experience. They should at least tell people that.

I get to the first page, towards the problem it says 'Click here to scroll'

I click and get the page claiming that the MacPro is radically different ( already i'm going :huh: )

then ....

nothing , screen just sits there.

I move mouse up down and all around ( hey, feels like Win8 :devil: ) try clicking here and there (yepp, Win8) and nothing happens.



UPDATE: aha! UI by Accident , introduced in the NeXT machines , I believe.

I was moving my mouse off the IE and it 'hit' something when leaving which popped up a bubble text.

Turns out there is a menu of sorts on the right edge of the screen, small little grey (gray?) dots.

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Guest LilBambi

I just used the mouse scroll wheel in the lower part of the page and when it started to slow, I waited for the extra pieces of the particular slide/frame to come in and keep scrolling after reading the new stuff on the slide.

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