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This is the discussion thread for the forum announcement : Forum Modifications

Update your Profile to include your system specs!It’s a feature highly requested, and long over due; but today you can edit your profile to include your System Specifications.  By including your system specifications it can improve support requests, and may make your life easier by not having to continually retype your specs over and over again.EnjoyEDIT: I've made a minor modification since I posted this announcement.  I've increased the text input size, and added 3 text inputs: Main System Specs: [ Recommended ] // Secondary System Specs: [ Optional ] // Other System(s) Specs: [ Optional ].Having the option to list more than one system in it's own area was suggested, voted on by the Admin/Mod staff (present at the time), and implemented.
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Thanks Arena! This is a good addition, I think. Can be especially useful for troubleshooting, as I'm sure was the reason for implementing this :w00t:

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The recent modifications to the forum code may produce some visual irregularities for members using Mozzilla and/or Mozilla FireFox (bird) browsers.Please log out, clear your browser cache, and log back in. If any part of the board still looks strange please take a screen shot and upload it to a server. If you do not have a server in which you can upload images, private message either myself, LilBambi, or Jeber and we can assist you further.Thank you.

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