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? arch/systemd drive's assigned /dev

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I just noticed something odd on this machine regarding the assigned

/dev device for the attached drives using arch.


I am using UUIDs in fstab so the drives are getting mounted correctly.

I have 2 SATA drives and 1 PATA drive attached.


What I notice however is sometimes the first SATA drive

is associated with /dev/sda and sometimes it is associated with /dev/sdb.


Is this because of the way systemd starts things?

Is there a way to make it so that the first SATA drive is always associated with /dev/sda?


It's not a real issue...just confusing when the drives move around.

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I think they may have to do with the use of UUIDs instead of /dev points but let me see what I can find.

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Ah, you must be using udev:

Udev loads kernel modules by utilizing coding parallelism to provide a potential performance advantage versus loading these modules serially. The modules are therefore loaded asynchronously. The inherent disadvantage of this method is that udev does not always load modules in the same order on each boot. If the machine has multiple block devices, this may manifest itself in the form of device nodes changing designations randomly. For example, if the machine has two hard drives, /dev/sda may randomly become /dev/sdb.


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