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Need an awesome USB 3.0 powered hub


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For some reason, I seem to have issues with USB hubs. The last one I had was a Belkin 7-port model that seemed to overheat after a year of moderate use.


My MacBook Air has USB 3.0 on it, and I want to maximize on that capability. I am also willing to pay a bit more for a high quality hub.


I will have a variety of devices hooked up to this hub.


- USB mixer that is the primary audio for the Mac

- Secondary USB audio device. Used for Skype, etc. (Need two devices to record and talk at the same time.)

- HP Printer/Scanner


Here are the things I am looking for in a hub:


- USB 3.0 on all ports

- Most of the ports on the rear. One or two on the front is fine.

- Ports aligned vertically, if possible

- Indicator lights! Ideally, device present and activity indicators

- Plenty of Amps to power things and charge my iPad


Does anyone know of anything off the top of their heads?




This one looks good-




Except all the ports are in the front.

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Guest LilBambi

I had a Rosewill one that did the same thing after about a year Adam.


I really like that last one you posted:

[5V 2A Charging Port for iPad, iPhone] Anker® Uspeed USB 3.0 7 Port Hub + 1 Charging Port, with 12V 4A Power Adapter and 4ft USB 3.0 Cable, Backward Compatible with USB 2.0, VIA VL812 Chipset, 18 Months Warranty


Even comes with an 18 month warranty. Maybe that means it will last little more than a year ;)

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This one gets 5/5 Star Rating:


Plugable 7 Port USB 3.0 Hub with 4A Power Adapter (VIA VL812 Chipset - USB 2.0 compatible)


I think I would get this one if I had the extra $49.99 ;)


According to the Amazon description, this is not recommended for Apple products. ;)


I am liking this one best....




Click on the ten port white version. The description states it is compatible with USB 3 on Macs, as long as an up to date OSX is present.


Manufacturer page: http://www.ianker.com/product/68UPHUB-S10U


* Mac OS X Lion 10.7.4 users may experience unstable connections due to microchip incompatibility. Where possible, we recommend upgrading your OS X to Mountain Lion 10.8.2 or later.


And a decent price.....



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