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Windows 8 - Tips Tricks and Adding back missing features

Guest LilBambi

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Guest LilBambi

This topic hopes to be a one stop shop for links to topics here in ATW and links around the web directly for Windows 8 tips, tricks and adding back missing features, etc.


To make it easier to keep track of the links, please add your Tip, Trick or Instructions for Adding back missing features to Windows 8 in the main ATW forum. Admins/ATW Mods will then add the appropriate topics to this locked topic list.



Tips and Tricks and Adding back missing features:


Windows 8 - do it yourself - add back missing features (3 of them) - ATW


So I have Windows 8, Now What? - Bits from Bill - ATW


A 'no-reformat reinstall' for Windows 8 - Fred Langa/WindowsSecrets

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