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i wanna write a program


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ok, don't laugh. the program i miss most when i leave windows and boot to mandrake is a simple one. i've searched everywhere, and even asked on here. i guess it doesn't exist. i want to be able to set up keyboard shortcuts to expand and paste some preset sentences (probably about 50) into the chatrooms that i moderate. the chatroom uses java. what programming language should i be using? c++? my only experience with programming was reading a book, and playing around a bit with visual basic. are there free tools available for programming? any good sites where i can learn? i crave knowledge.

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Guest LilBambi

Java chats are pretty common around the net. Unfortunately, I think the main reason site owners use java chats in the first place is because they are easier to control than normal IRC chats, particularly where code is concerned.Have you considered just copying and pasting from a predone text file into the java chat as needed? Or is that how you are doing things now?

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I am moving this over to the Programming & Web Dev Forum . . . think it will get better attention there . .:thumbsup: Bruno

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