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Welcome to the Restaurant at the Edge of the Universe!


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Your moderation team for the Restaurant consists of two of the finest Admins you will ever meet- Jeber and ross549! In an effort to reduce the number of pinned posts at the top of this forum, the following is provided for your consideration and amusement......


The Rules


The standard Forum Rules are always in effect.


Sometimes threads or individual posts are removed. Here is why.


The History of the Restaurant at the Edge of the Universe


It used to be called the Water Cooler.....


The modus operandi for this forum......


The History Of Scot's Newsletter Forums....


Why are we called Highlanders?




Welcome to all our Guests!

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Guest LilBambi

No Politics or Religion posts or topics!


Members, aka Highlanders, are directed to Discussion, Civility. Moderation, and Moderation where Scot (SNF forums owner) said:


YOU are responsible for what you post on these forums. There are *plenty* of places on the Internet that would completely welcome your left-leaning or right-leaning political views.


To be frank, I'm really disappointed too that people who are otherwise nothing but helpful and courteous rapidly get out of hand when emotionally-charged, non-computer-oriented issues are discussed here. If we could do so as adults, without leveling charges at one another, without branding candidates as "Marxist" or other similar hyperbolic epithets, I would love nothing more than to be the host of mature discussion on non-computer topics.


Scot further pointed out:


No one of us has the right to decide that he or she is 100% right about non-factual issues. None of us has a crystal ball; none of us can read another's mind or has omniscience. For us to discuss such things as adults -- without applying labels, jingoism, inserting barbs, and heading down the path toward flame wars -- we must first respect one another's opinions.


Again, Members, aka Highlanders, are directed to Scot's full posting here: Discussion, Civility. Moderation, and Moderation

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