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SMTP hickup!


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Sorry for tripple post in ATL, but last couple of days I have problem with either posting or PM-ing people.It could be me but I always get the same message:

Mail Error!SMTP protocol failure!Host: mail.scotsnewsletter.comReturn Code:Return Msg:Invision Power Board Error: Could not open a socket to the SMTP serverCheck your SMTP settings from the admin control panel
Stuff gets posted eventually and people apparenlty get PM but it is annoying.I am using Firefox 0/8 on MacOSX and Linux.Sorry if I am causing it and mods please delete extra posts, thanks :whistling:
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Posts were deleted. Not a problem. Actually, you can only delete the post yourself if you are adding to an existing thread. If you are initiating a thread then you can not delete it yourself. I had it happen once yesterday. It does not appear to be tied in to your service provider. Nor do I use Firefox so the problem is not there. --Julia :whistling:

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Thanks Julia.No I am not on RR, it happened on two places actually, today here at work on MacOSX/Firefox and yesterday at my home on Linux/Firefox.At work I have T1 from Bell, at home Rogers Cable.

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