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backtracing IP #s and Zone Alarm


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Hi, am new to this forum and have a lot of newbie questions for yall, so hope you don't lose patience with me! I have been using the free Zone Alarm version for years now, and have never had a virus, trojan, worm, etc. (Dial up connection) All of my ports are stealthed, and shields are up. Is there a good reason to upgrade to Zone Alarm Pro?Also, I can backtrace an intrusion attempt using Visual Zone/D Shield, or command prompt tracert, or by using ID Serve. Have, a few times, tried to connect to the port the intruder was using, even tho it would alert him that my computer was there, but never received another intrusion attempt back. I know his port would :blink: not be open, but would happen if it was open and I connected to it??? Thanks, Ann........... P.S. Hmmm, don't know how to get that little Smilie face out of my post!

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If for nothing then you could pay for pro version (it's not really expensive) just to reward people that writes good software and giving it away for free B) .

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