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Powersearching with Google

Neil P

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Powersearching with Google


Power Searching with Google

…a short course on becoming a great internet searcher


Google Search makes it amazingly easy to find information. Come learn about the powerful advanced tools we provide to help you find just the right information when the stakes are high.



Course Details

Power Searching with Google is a free online, community-based course showcasing search techniques and how to use them to solve real, everyday problems. It features:[list]
[*]Six 50-minute classes.
[*]Closed captioned videos.
[*]Interactive activities to practice new skills.
[*]Opportunities to connect with others using Google Groups, Google+, and Hangouts on Air.
[*]Upon passing the post-course assessment, a printable Certificate of Completion will be emailed to you.


Registration ends JULY 16 and the classes have already started! Yesterday, today and tomorrow are the first 3 classes. Then there's a "midterm", then the next 3 classes, then a "final". So far it's kinda basic stuff, but I've already learned a few things.

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V.T. Eric Layton

Ah... a tutorial provided by the devil on how to use the devil's tools to sell your soul to the devil more efficiently. MUAHAHAHA! :devil:


Just kidding, Neil! Good post. I wonder if those tips work with other search engines also?

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Well that's good. I imagine the certificate is going to be worthless anyway (although I'll still print it out!).

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