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Transmission Q.


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I have just installed Transmission and downloaded several items. The archlinuxarm that I downloaded shows "786kB corrupted". Does that mean that the download is duff ? Or is the download ok and I have downloaded 786kB of duff excess files ?



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I think this means that when the file was hashed (checked), part of the torrent was corrupted. This would of been caused by one of the seeders and was nothing done on you part.


I am pretty sure if you ran:

sha1sum archlinuxarm-13-06-2012.zip


You would not get the correct value:

SHA-1 8ca812dfb7f68156869a59a2c511d3eccd118da0


I would suggest either downloading again via torrent or just download the file normally. The file is only 199.82mb so it wont take long either way.

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$ sha1sum archlinuxarm-13-06-2012.zip
8ca812dfb7f68156869a59a2c511d3eccd118da0  archlinuxarm-13-06-2012.zip


Well me download matches the sha1. I think it is chunks that have not passed the integrity test and they are counted as waste and the chunks have been downloaded again. If memory serves me well in another agent I used ages ago they did the same and you could track if a particular seeder was at fault and block them.


Here in good old blighty if you are out in the sticks a 198.82 mb download is some lengthy task let me tell you. :breakfast:

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Transmission Remote GUI is a feature rich cross platform front-end to remotely control a Transmission Bit-Torrent client daemon via its RPC protocol. Transmission Remote GUI is faster and has more functionality than the built-in Transmission web interface.


Transmission 1.40 or later is supported.


Transmission Remote GUI is developed using Lazarus RAD and Free Pascal compiler.




Neat :breakfast:

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