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Atomic Web: The BEST Web Browser for iOS Devices

Guest LilBambi

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Guest LilBambi

Atomic Web: The BEST Web Browser for iOS Devices (Mac HowTo):


Over the past few years, I have downloaded several third-party web browsers for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, and the one I have found most advanced and feature rich is Atomic Web. While many mobile browsers have their unique features, Atomic Web could well be considered the professional browser for advanced web users. With each version of the app, the developer has included features that make navigating the browser more user friendly and useful for bookmarking, managing and saving websites and pages. Atomic Web outshines the iOS version of Safari by a long shot. It even matches it in speed. But if you go to the developer's site, he doesn't do a great job of showing off what Atomic Web can do. So let's explore some of its outstanding features.


The article was also picked up here sans the screenshots: Atomic Web: The BEST Web Browser for iOS Devices (BusinessInsider)


Atomic Web Browser - Full Screen Tabbed Browser w/ Download Manager & Dropbox by RichTech - (Apple iTunes App Store - website link) (There are some great screenshots of course on this link)


I downloaded it on my iPod Touch and I love it! I have privacy settings set, Adblock Plus (that Android users have had for a while now) on my iPod Touch!


Great job on Atomic Web Browser, RichTech (Here's something interesting. LinkedIn link from Atomic Web Browser website notes he used to work at Motorola and has been a software developer since 2005 working at Motorola, and a web deveoper before that. He also worked on core iPhone apps and Cloud production and development at Velocitude which was acquired in 2010 by Akamai)


Atomic Web Browser - an iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch web browser (developer site)


To give you an idea how Atomic Web Browser can help with security besides the built in stock Adblock Plus and other privacy first settings:


Back in August, the developer posted this:

Use Atomic Browser to limit IOS PDF Security Flaw:

Websense.com came up with a creative solution to help limit the PDF security flaw using Atomic Browser. If you are concerned about the exploit, create an Ad Filter to block all PDFs.




Click the settings gear icon

Click “Settings”

Click “Ad Block Settings” and then “Edit Ad Block”.

Click “New Filter” and then enter: *.pdf

Click “Done” and “Save”.

Click “Ad Block” at the top-left corner to go back to the main screen.

Click on the “Enable Ad Block” switch to turn it on.


This will work while you use Atomic Browser. However, you still need to be careful of links from applications which automatically launch Safari (Mail, SMS, Twitter, Facebook, etc)


I thought it was an ingenious interim protection while surfing the web till the Adobe PDF fix was made available.


Here's the info from the About page:




This blog is about information on the Atomic Web Browser. Atomic Web Browser is a browser for the iPhone and iPod Touch with many advanced features left out of Mobile Safari including:


Full Screen Mode

Private Mode

Passcode Lock

Ad Block Filters

Unlimited Tabs

Save page for offline viewing

Long Press to open a link in a new or background tab

Editable search engines

In page search

Share page with Facebook or Twitter

Identify Browser as IE, Firefox, or Desktop Safari

Adjust font size

Rotation Lock


Page Source Viewer

URL Suggestion

Save image


Can't say enough good about this browser. I just wish there was a setting to make it the default browser! :thumbup:

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Guest LilBambi

Was just reading over some of the customer reviews for Atomic Web Browser (at the iTunes Store website) and found this one:

he Absolute Best Browser


by Deb-AL


Atomic Browser is truly awesome. I will never go to another browser again. It has great features such as downloading files. I like to go to GutenbergProject.com to find free books. I can hold down on the EPUB file choice and open it in iBooks ... fantastic! Note regarding the download feature, if a webpage gives you a button for downloading a file that uses java, it won't work since iPad isn't designed for java. For those sites you'll have to download on a regular computer and then email it to your iPad and then use the Open In, selecting iBooks. That isn't the fault of Atomic Browser.


Amother wonderful feature is that you can go to Atomic's settings and install a "Bookmarklet" into Safari and this seriously reduces the aggravating fact that you can't prevent Email links from opening in Safari!


Also, the support is impressive. I emailed three different times to ask a question and they replied within a very reasonable time with very helpful info.


I tried Perfect Web Browser first. Too many crashes, extremely slow to reply to emailed questions, and missing some of the important features that this browser has.


I can't say enough good things about this browser.

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I downloaded Atomic Web a couple weeks ago. I like it, but haven't fully explored all of its features. I didn't even know it did ad blocking :">

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Guest LilBambi
I downloaded Atomic Web a couple weeks ago. I like it, but haven't fully explored all of its features. I didn't even know it did ad blocking :" border="0" alt="blushing.gif" />

Oh, yeah! It's great! :yes:

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