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New Star Wars MMO game


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I just read some extremely interesting stats on the new MMO game that's scheduled to be released next week, Star Wars: The Old Republic. By all accounts, it should give WoW a run for its money and will probably give the kids something to fixate on for hours on end.


Five things to know about ‘Star Wars: The Old Republic’.


Some items worth mentioning.


Rumoured to have cost more than $150M to make.

Cast of 105 voice actors.

Actor's script (word count) atleast 2.5 million. Compare to: 'War & Peace' which clocked in just under 600,000 or Star Wars: The Knights of the Old Republic - 250,000 words.

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it may do well... but wow is entrenched and ha-uge.

looks like it may be worth a shot, have been sorta following it for a while.


Yes WoW is expansive. I have a couple of friends that are heavily into WoW. But that game has been out for what... 8 years?? Probably longer than that. It's had time to develop over the years! Depending on how well the new Star Wars game does, it too will probably be developed further with expansion sets. If you read the Yahoo article, there are several planets (like Tatooine and Alderaan) are fully explorable. I would guess that as the game develops over the years, they will continue add other worlds to explore. I'm really not a huge MMO or RPG gamer - but this game has got me very interested.

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