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Gb LAN sometimes tops out at 4-5MB/s


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Hi - rather than a central server, I cross-copy backups between 2 PCs.


This is a problem that has troubled me for a while, and I am surprised that it survives upgrades of the PCs and the switch in-between.


SOMETIMES these transfers run at a healthy 200Mb/s, sometimes faster.


But SOMETIMES (maybe 1/2 the time), they run at 30-40Mb/s. It seems like sometimes the negotiation is struck at a very low speed and it gets stuck there. The main path is between 2 PCs, both with recent HW, both running WinXP Home SP3.


One has a recent intel motherboard with internal Intel GigE. (though I swapped in a PCI Intel PRO/1000 card, didn't make a difference). The prior motherboard was an ASUS (Pentium-D Class)


The other used to have an ASUS MB (pentium-D class), but now has a ASUS P5G41-M MOBO with Atheros internal Gb LAN.


When I do occasional test transfers (wired) from either PC to a laptop that I have at home, they always run fast (> 150Mb/s)


I tried disabling virus scan (ESET) on both machines, didn't matter.


My main switch is a 32-port Gb netgear, but I tried swapping in a 5-port Gb Netgear. The cables are both Cat-6 cables, only about 5' each. I've tried swapping the cables.


I've run out of things to swap/try. There seems to be no rhyme/reason. I've checked speed with the Task Manager, and a 3rd party program (and done the math - filesize/time) the data's correct.


Nothing else running on the systems, or the network, when this happens.


Is there some way to get the network to at least try renegotiating upward during an xfer?


any thoughts on where to look are welcome.




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might have found it


on my machines, I have the NWlink protocols enabled to let us play a couple of older multi-player games. disabling seems to fix (can't know for sure with an intermittent problem). will continue to test and will report

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