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Image Thumbnails- formula to use them

Guest LilBambi

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Guest LilBambi

Image Thumbnailsformula to use them with URL (http://) links within postsThis is just a cool trick to make use of integrating the IMG tag and http:// link button coder to provide thumbnail pictures and links to full size pictures, so folks can see if they'd like to click on the http:// link to see the full size picture.Thereby keeping the page loads quick for dialup users and prevents annoying horizontal scrolling for everyone regardless of their computer's resolution.NOTE: Please see forum Rule #8 for specific requirements and considerations on posting images within messages.---Here are some textual instructions:Just use 'thumpnail' image tag as the "My Webpage" text area of an HTML URL Link which would be the full size picture.NOTE: JPG/JPEG images have been disabled for security reasons on the forum, so please be sure to use GIF or PNG files.Examples:A screenshot of my Ubuntu Linux desktop's postings from this thread:Ubuntu installation:Ubuntu_transparent_Gnome_sm.png Now here's the code:


(code would actually be on one line, but I have intentionally broken to two lines to keep horizontal scrolling from breaking the standard forum width.)See how the http:// URL link button for the forums, which by default says "My Webpage" if you don't change it to something else, is where you put the link to the thumbnail IMG you see?--Here's an example by EdP with a cool example of this process in the thumbnail example:Thumbnailx.gifSteps:1. Using the http:// button, create an http:// link to the full size image (the one that will open in another window when you click on the 'link') but leave the "My Webpage" words in the link (will replace these words later). I always enter at this point to make it easier to keep the codes sorted out.2. Using the IMG button, create an IMG tag to the thumbnail image you want to view within the post. Copy and paste this 'code' in place of the words My Webpage in the http:// link above.3. I always preview first to make sure I haven't cut into any of the codes accidentally breaking it. When satisified, post message.4. Done.Hope that all makes sense. :teehee:Feel free to PM me if you have questions.---If you need a place to host a picture, see the following Feedback Topic, or contact a forum moderator:http://forums.scotsnewsletter.com/index.ph...;f=9&t=3586If you know of a place that will host pictures, please post in the above Feedback Topic.

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