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Some users may be angry about conky in XFCE, that it wont load properly from start. Like showing login wallpaper behind conky for a min or two.Meaning that conky window gets another wallpaper for awhile.But there is a fix for it, just open your conkyrc file and use these decorations instead:

# Window specifications #own_window yes # create a separate XWindow over the one from Xfdesktopown_window_type desktop # the window cannot be moved or resizedown_window_hints undecorated,below,sticky,skip_taskbar,skip_pager # make it behave like it belongs to the desktopown_window_argb_visual yes # true transparency, a compositor has to be activeown_window_argb_value 100 # make the background semi-transparent

That will make the conky to load properly in XFCE, gnome or kde users might not having this issue.


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Conky is not a lazy man's app. That's why I use gkrellm. :thumbsup:
That is so true. I have played around with the .conkyrc file on many occasions and you have to have some patience to manipulate conky to do what you want. I have seen some AWESOME conky setups and for the life of me CANNOT figure out how in the heck they do some of the things they do. Heck, I could not even get it to monitor my battery status on my laptop. :)I have seen some that give constant weather updates, the current moon phase, music currently playing in your music player etc etc. I would LOVE to figure out how the heck to configure the config file to display all of that, but as you said Eric. You have to have some TIME on your hands to commit to figuring it out and as much as I wish I did have that time, I certainly do not. ;)Does Arch's repo have gkrellm? Might have to give that a try sometime. :hysterical: Is it configurable?tforsman - That is a really cool looking conky!!! Obviously you need to have more installed then just conky to get those rings and such. Have seen MANY with rings as well as the logo for a favorite distro. One of these days, I am going to do more research to get an awesome looking conky with the Arch Linux logo in it. ;)All the best,Ian
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Does Arch's repo have gkrellm? Might have to give that a try sometime. :thumbsup: Is it configurable?
Yeah there is a couple of packages available:
╔═ comhack@Cerberus 02:36 PM ╚═══ ~-> yaourt -Ss gkrellmcommunity/gkrellm 2.3.5-1	System monitor package for GTK2aur/audkrellm 0.0.2-3 (4)	Audacious music player control plugin for gkrellmaur/bubblefishymod 0.6.4-1 (10)	Plugin for gkrellm with duck and fishs.aur/gkhdplop 0.9.9-1 (24)	GKrellM hard-drive read/write visual monitoraur/gkleds 0.8.2-1 (28)	Gkrellm plugin to monitor the CapsLock, NumLock, and ScrollLock keysaur/gkrellflynn-gkrellm2 0.8-3 (5)	Flynn is a tiny system load meter for gkrellmaur/gkrellkam 2.0.0-1 (11)	GKrellKam plugin for gkrellm2 to retrieve webcam picturesaur/gkrellm-aclock 0.3.4-2 (Out of Date) (17)	Analog clockaur/gkrellm-bluez 0.2-1 (7)	GKrellM BlueZ is a plugin that displays a graph of RX/TX bytes of Bluetooth adaptors. It uses the same 	layout as a Net monitor.aur/gkrellm-fmonitor 2.0.4-2 (10)	A simple but useful gkrellm plugin displaying lines from a text fileaur/gkrellm-gkfreq 1.2-1 (56)	A plugin for gkrellm2 which displays the current CPU frequencyaur/gkrellm-hddtemp 0.2_beta-2 (35)	A hddtemp plugin for gkrellm2aur/gkrellm-mailwatch 2.4.3-1 (14)	Gkrellm plugin to setup extra counters for your mailboxesaur/gkrellm-snmp 1.1-1 (0)	A GKrellM plugin to read SNMP agentsaur/gkrellm-themes 2003-2 (94)	The Muhri skin/theme collection for GKrellM. The 2003 tarball.aur/gkrellm-timers 1.3-1 (21)	Various timers for GkRellmaur/gkrellm-volume 2.1.13-3 (43)	A volume control plugin for gkrellm2aur/gkrellm-wifi 0.9.12-1 (4)	A GKrellM2 plug-in for monitoring the link quality of your wireless LAN cardsaur/gkrellm-xkb 1.05-1 (12)	A gkrellm2 plugin which displays a small flag based on active keyboard layout.aur/gkrellm2-cpufreq 0.6.1-1 (Out of Date) (13)	A plugin for displaying and manipulating CPU frequency.aur/gkrellm2-multiping 2.0.13-4 (8)	Pings several machines and shows the current round-trip and status.aur/gkrellm2-show_ip 1.1-5 (37)	Shows the actual IP address of a given network interfaceaur/gkrellmapcupsd 0.02-2 (9)	Gkrellm apcupsd monitor. Monitors line voltage, charge, time left, load. Works fine if you do not change 	the config. Otherwise, gkrellm will crash.aur/gkrellmlaunch 0.5-5 (15)	A GKrellM plugin to add quicklaunch tabs for your favorite appsaur/gkrellmms 2.1.22-3 (9)	GKrellm plugin which allows you to control XMMS from within GKrellm.aur/gkrellmoon 0.6-1 (15)	Moon clock plugin for gkrellm2aur/gkrellmpager 0.2.0-2 (18)	A GKrellM plugin which provides pager functionality for your virtual desktopsaur/gkrellmpc 0.1_beta9-5 (16)	A mpd control plugin for gkrellm2aur/gkrellmwireless 2.0.3-1 (41)	This plugin for gkrellm monitors the signal quality of your wireless networking cardaur/gkrellshoot 0.4.4-1 (10)	A plugin for GkrellM for screen lock and screen shootaur/gkrellsun 1.0.0-1 (0)	GKrellSun plugin for gkrellm2 to show sunrise and sunsetaur/gkrellweather 2.0.8-1 (55)	A weather monitor plugin for gkrellm2aur/gkrellxmms2 0.7.1-1 (9)	A plugin for GKrellM2 to control basic functions of XMMS2aur/gkremldk 0.9.8-1 (7)	a GKrellM plugin showing/setting current mldonkey donwload/upload rate.aur/gkx86info 0.0.2-2 (30)	GKrellM plugin to display CPU speed (useful for clock stepping)aur/i8krellm 2.5-2 (16)	GKrellM plugin for Dell Inspiron/Latitude notebooks


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All those parameters tforsman posted are the same as what I ended up using in KDE. own_window_argb_value is only necessary for partial transparency. If you have own_window_argb_visual yes it will be fully transparent by default.I actually found Conky to be pretty easy to set up a basic functional display. I just borrowed a .conkyrc file from somewhere on the net and tweaked a bit by commenting out or removing irrelevent bits (like battery state on my desktop). The only bit I found a little tricky was cpu temp which ended up working with this:

${color #666666} CPU1:${color white}${platform coretemp.0 temp 2}C ${color #666666} CPU2:${color white}${platform coretemp.0 temp 3}C

Don't ask me why I had to use temp2 and temp3 for my Core2Duo, but I found they were listed as that in /sys/bus/platform/devices/coretemp.0/To set up some of the more advanced conky configurations I've seen would surely take much more exploring though.Wow, most awesomest Conky I've ever seen -

The United Federation Starship Statler, call sign NCC 110·207 R, is a part of the United Federation of Conkys.
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