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Authoritive antivirus etc tests


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Have a look at these sites, they are very well respected amongst anti virus researchers worldwide.Remember, what we are looking for is DETECTION rates.keep in mind this particular page is on trojan detection and was done on 2001, but links on the page may give later info.check your antivirus against the info on the page or its links.There may have been some improvement in detection rates for your program.AVG users really should very carefully check that their program is actually updated with the latest data files, this is very important, is it actually the latest update??TEST RESULTS:http://www.claymania.com/tests-trojan.htmlor the reliable test site:http://www.av-test.org/cheers greg

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Guest LilBambi

I hear what you are saying, but the information in the first link is for trojans and is very outdated. Things change way too frequently on the AV front to go with information that old.The second link is much better than the first and has results from various tests they have done across OSes and AV programs.Here is another one that folks can look over:ICSA LABS -- This is the certification that all AV software looks for.List of AV Certified AV software packages - (Interesting note - McAfee's sister company Network Associates is listed for Windows versions WinNT-WinXP; no Win98.)Under the Cleaning Certification page - Very few actually made the grade and only for the OSes where they were actually able to be certified to meet ICSA Labs requirements. However, note that this is for cleaning only. Most AV software will quarantine what they can not clean.And only Symantec (Norton) and Network Associates (McAfee) made the grade for PC Firewall software.All of these things are in flux. Changes in software can change the rankings all over the place from testing time to testing time.VBulletin - which tests for picking up threats "in the wild" by AV products and awards 100% or nothing. NOTE: No testing for any Win9x products here any longer. Note some products have a grey bar where they did not submit a product for review. If they do not get 100% detection, they fail. It could be 99% but they still fail.Between all the different studies out there, one will get a real headache trying to sort it all out.Like I have mentioned previously, I used to use Norton NAV, and have tried most every AV software out there. We have a firewall on entry to our network and I use ZoneLabs ZoneAlarm and Grisoft's AVG on my personal Windows computer and have not had any problems with these settings.But I am also very careful about my email and put a leash on my browser to help twart problems. I also have opted not to use IRC on my main Win98se computer, and rarely open an IM client of any kind these days.

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