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using the RD command in XP with mounted drives


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I have a pc setup with 2 harddrives mounted into directories on a 3rd hard drive.I was cleaning up the empty directories by using the 2 step method of reverse sorting of all the directories to a file and then using the 'for' command to run the RD command on each line.everything seemed to go well , until I noticed that the last command, rd e:\disk1 did not result in the "directory not empty" message.Yepp, the directory was gone :( . in fact both directories were gone :( :(I thought the files on the 2 harddrives were lost .After I finished throwing furniture around, I went back to the pc and started up Computer Management to remount the harddrives, as I still needed them mounted for the next night. hmm, I mount the drive and it reports it is half full - what the hay??? so I mounted the other drive and roughly same thing. :teehee: of course - msWindowsDOS did not recognize that there was a mounted drive under the directory, so when the rd command came along, it only saw an empty directory. which it deleted :whistling: So when using mounted drives, don't expect the same behavior with sub directories as regular drives.So far I have confirmed the RD and the Defrag commands in XP do not really "see" the mounted files when looking at the moutee home directory.

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