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Max Payne 3


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I could hardly believe my eyes when I saw a flyer the other day announcing that MP3 is coming out. Considering the long time between the last one and now... I had pretty much written it off. In fact I think I might have posted about it here or on another board about a year or two ago asking if anyone had any info.When I came home, a quick Google search proved it to be true. I also found out Rock Star has delayed the release (fall of 2010) - I guess having 3 major releases in the same time was too much for them. You can see some of the screenshots on Rockstars website. Doesn't look too thrilling. And it certainly doesn't look like the same Max we knew in the 1st two installments.I don't know what in the world them think that it's ok to wait 5 or 6 years to follow up with the 3rd one .... Especially when you end with a cliff hanger. People tend to lose interest after a long-* hiatus. Unless there are some 'dramatic new' improvements, I think I will skip on #3. Plenty of other good games out there!

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