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It's patch Tuesday


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There are several important security bulletins released today. For XP users, I found 9 updates. I don't have a Vista or Win7 box here, I'm sure there were some updates released for these two as well. Furthermore, there were 3 updates for Office 2007; plus one for the Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool (released August 10, 2010) which I think is a useless piece of software anyway. Install it if you will - I'd rather stay away from it completely.In the off chance you still have IE v6.0 installed, there is an important security update (see KB 2183461).Total: 14 updatesThus far, my system seems to be running fine; no problems. Also keep in mind there were some out of band updates released on August 1, 2010 as Corrine mentioned in her post here.For more information, you can read the August security bulletin.

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Frank Golden

I initially experienced difficulties with these updates on my Win 7 machine.They would update successfully but fail during the configuration phase after the mandatory restart.Repeated attempts to install resulted in repeated failures.I initially thought an issue with the updates themselves but a Google search turned up nothing.Looking over the updates I saw that one was a security update for Microsoft.NET framework.Having recently disabled the Microsoft.NET Framework NGEN v4.0.30319 optimization service I wondered if that was my problem.I had disabled this service erroneously determining it to be a cause of slower than normal boot times.Restoring this service to default (Automatic-delayed) allowed the updates to install.Apparently when the updates tried to configure after reboot it sensed that this service wasn't available and aborted the updatetaking the rest of the updates with it.

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