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Camera phone images appear on neighbours TV setA Finnish family had a shock recently when photos of their neighbour started appearing on their television one evening. A news program the family were watching suddenly went blank and then pictures of their neighbours started appearing on the TV instead.Confused, they went to the neighbour to see if they were aware of this apparently inexplicable phenomena. It transpired that the neighbours, the Lunna family were using a Nokia device to view photos taken on a camera phone on their TV. The Nokia Mediamaster digital TV receiver also allows owners to view photos taken with their camera phone on the TV screen, connecting the phone to the TV via a Bluetooth connection.However, it turned out that both houses had separately purchased the identical Mediamaster unit and placed them almost next to each other on different sides of the separating wall. Also, neither family had changed the default password on their box, so when the phone transmitted its photos, both TV units picked up the images and displayed them.http://www.cellular-news.com/story/9843.shtml

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