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A Firefox problem? Say it ain't so! ;)
I spoke too quickly - I shouldn't have called it a Firefox problem. On another Invision board, when a couple of us are in the reply function box, we don't have a cursor, and our reply automatically begins before the quote rather than after. The lack of a cursor prevents us also from blocking text. We can only delete text by backspacing.I tossed all my cookies, and even re-booting didn't help.Because it is a relatively new problem and because it didn't show up on IE on my work box, I thought it might be a Firefox problem. So, I thought I'd first test FF by posting a reply on another Invision board - here. But, like Toyota, I couldn't duplicate the problem here. Now on to see if the problem happens in IE on my laptop. Edited by memesuze
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V.T. Eric Layton

We've had that issue here and it was resolved. It's a bug in the IP.Board Rich Text Editor. Just choose the Standard Editor and all is well again. You can make the switch by clicking the rotating arrows icon in the upper right of the Add Reply (not Fast Reply) box. :)AHA! Urmas beat me to it. :thumbsup:

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