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Posting Images - What You Need to Know

V.T. Eric Layton

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V.T. Eric Layton



ATTENTION: Most of this is no longer pertinent in this day and age of fast Internet for nearly everyone. Also, the tutorial links above are no longer accessible by non-members of my Cabin In the Woods forum. Sorry.


I'm un-pinning this topic, as it is obsolescent. ~Eric




Hi folks,Please remember that out of consideration for folks here who are using dial-up and slower DSL connections, we have in place a policy regarding the posting of images. From the Forum Rules:


Images in Posts8. Scot's Newsletter Forums does not permit uploading of images with posted messages. The best way to show other members something is to link to it. To do that, paste a Web URL (or hyperlink) into your message. No encoding is required. By handling images in this way, you let people choose whether to click or not.It is also possible to display a screen shot hosted on another server by using the forum software's image tag and placing a URL in it. It should be done only when showing a picture is necessary to getting your important point across. Be considerate of people who have slower Internet connections. An image displayed within a message on Scot's Newsletter Forums should be no wider than 480 pixels. And if you can make the image smaller, please do.Either one of these approaches requires your image to be hosted on another Web server. If you do not have access to another Web server but would like to link to or display an image in a post, please contact a forum moderator for help. While we can't promise to make this possible in all cases, we are working on ways to make it easier.


Even though the board's software will automatically resize a large image when posted in a thread, that doesn't help the folks with slower connections. Please post your images by making a thumbnail image linked to the larger image or by just posting the raw URL. There are a couple of tutorials on my own boards that I will link to here for your benefit that show how to use image servers, post pics, and make thumbnails.



ImageShack 101 by Urmas from The Cabin In the Woods


PhotoBucket 101 by Urmas from The Cabin In the Woods


Resizing Images 101 by Urmas from The Cabin In the Woods


Hope you find this helpful.






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