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i need sonething....dunno what i want though, but these micro all-in-one systems are looking goodFIC FIC IC-VG61 or Shuttle SN41G2 XPC p4 vs. amdthe fic looks way kewl, and has a LOT of modding potential, whereas the amd has dual monitor support w/o an extra carddo i really care if it has dual monitor? well, sortai've always wanted to use a dual display, but never got around to iti've been looking around for some reviews on these and the most i have seen is simply tech specs on either of them, even if the atricle was meant to be a review it hardly went into any detailsexcept this one: [H]ardOCP for the AMD systemand after reading, i don't really know it that's the one i think i want, especially since there's no real review on the P4 systemto comapre itthe easy thing about these is all i need to do is add a cpu/hsf/ram/hdd, and cdrw to make a complete sytem (about $300 on top of the price) - i have everything elsethis time around i dont' want to go through the hassle of finding all the parts wondering if i bought the right parts and maybe skimping on things that i know i want but can't affordi want to keep the total cost under $500-600, these offer that chanceso - which of these is better and why ;) :lol:

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