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I'm surprised no one has brought this up, yet. Last Monday, September 15, VerSign placed a wildcard record (*) into the root DNS servers that provide name resolution for top level domain names for the internet. What does this mean? Well, if you type a domain name incorrectly and it is not registered, you will get taken to a the VersSign Sitefinder site trying to sell you the domain name, plus a list of possible likely links. Well, doesn't Micosoft do this with IE, you may ask? Yes, the Beast from Redmond will redirect mistyped domain names to a MSN page, but that can be easily turned off in the Tools > Options menu. You can't turn this in Netscape, Mozilla, Firebird, Opera, Galeon, etc unless you block the Sitefinder IP address. But more to the point, ISPs are complaining because it breaks reverse-namelookups to check for SPAM. There are other implications:All Your Web Typos are Belong to UsVerisign's SiteFinder finds privacy hullabalooVeriSign sued over SiteFinderCommittee Charges That VeriSign Weakens the WebICANN Advisory Concerning VeriSign's Deployment of DNS Wildcard ServiceLetter from VerSign to ICANNICS patch for BIND 9.2.x

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Yea, heard about this last week. The complaints I heard were that ISPs, particularly AOL and MS, were miffed because their own search sites would loose some of the typo action ($$). What troubles me is that Sitefinder also displays paid-for-listings in their suggested web sites. I always though Verisign's service was supposted to be somewhat independant. Now there exists the possibility that sites that present the most review to Verisign will get some sort of preferrential treatment.

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